Educational Settings

I deliver tailored support packages to local:

– schools
– nurseries
– colleges

You can book:

– full days
– half days
– one-off visits
– a block of support to suit your needs

How I can support children

– 1:1 assessment
– 1:1 therapy – with clear goals and outcomes
– Group work to develop: speech sounds, vocabulary, narrative skills, or social communication.
– Screening classes to help identify children with SLCN

How I can support staff

– Coaching staff to use strategies or carry out intervention
– Training key staff
– Training all staff at staff meetings or INSET days
– Consultancy for SENCOs
– Parent workshops

Training examples:

LEGO® therapy
How to identify children with SLCN in the classroom
How to use visuals to support children with SLCN participate at school Adult Child Interaction Therapy (ACI)
How to help children build vocabulary and narrative skills
How to help children with Autism to develop their communication skills at school
How to use the Colourful Semantics approach to help children make sentences

Contact me for a free call today to see how I can help.

Tel: 07931 088028

5 Star Google Review:

“Having worked with Estie in a specialist school setting for a year and a half, I’ve seen the wonderful support she provides to the children and young people she works with.

Estie is so approachable and client-centred, making sure that the child or young person is always at the centre of the therapy provided. She is highly skilled in supporting children and young people to be able to access what is important to them and to achieve their communication potential.

Estie also raises awareness of language and communication difficulties within the educational setting. She has provided training and support to educational staff so that the children she works with can better access both educational and social aspects of their daily lives.

I would highly recommend Estie to anyone seeking support and advice about their child’s communication skills and development.”

– Elodie Grabe, Speech and Language Therapist