Terms and Conditions

When we say ‘we’ we mean Hunter Speech Therapy Ltd. When we say ‘you’ we mean the parent/carer of the client.

What we offer

When we first meet a child we carry out an initial assessment. This is so we can assess what their communication needs are and decide what approach might be best for them.

Initial assessment: £170

Appointment lasts for: 60-90 minutes

What’s included: We will ask the parent questions and carry out assessments/observations of the child. We will talk to you about what we have found, and write a short summary report.

Sometimes a child may need an additional assessment session of up to 60 minutes. If this is the case we will talk to you and arrange this, if you agree to it (the fee for this would be £75).

Therapy session:

Appointment lasts for: 45 minutes (+15 minutes liaising with family/staff)

What’s included: We will spend time preparing for the session beforehand and writing the session up onto their record afterwards. We will give materials to the parent or education staff where needed.

Review appointment:

Appointment lasts for: 60 minutes

What’s included: If your child has been seen by us before, and has had a break of 2 or more months without contact or sessions, they can have a review appointment. We will provide verbal feedback and advice. A report would be costed separately.

Following an appointment, we may recommend further input to help your child. This could include:

– attending face-to-face meetings

– writing reports

– providing specific resources

If this comes up, we can talk about the separate costs of these and agree them in advance.


We will be in touch (usually via email) letting you know how to pay via bank transfer. If you cannot do that then we also accept cheque and cash. (We cannot take card payment). We ask that payments are made within 14 days of invoicing.  

If you have private health insurance please check that you are covered before starting sessions. You will need to deal with the claim from the insurer and settle the invoice separately with us.

If a payment is not made in the way described above your sessions may not go ahead. Once we have sent a reminder about payment we may need to go ahead with payment collection. If you find that payment for a session will be an issue for you, please talk to us about it as soon as you can.


We are fully qualified to carry out speech and language therapy services. This does not give a guarantee that communication will improve or be cured. Sometimes children have communication difficulties where progress is slow or does not happen. We cannot be responsible for therapy which is not carried out correctly by other people, or for the materials or ideas which are presented by other companies or individuals.


You can end therapy at any time, and you can cancel a few days or a week before an appointment for free. If you cancel after 9am on the same day of the appointment, you will be asked to pay a £45 cancellation fee.

When we arrange to see your child in their educational setting, you are responsible for letting us know if this needs to be cancelled or rearranged.

If the therapist has to change an appointment, they will let you know as soon as possible in advance and we will rearrange for the next available date. You would receive a full refund. (If there is something that has been arranged around that appointment, we cannot be held responsible for this.)

Ending therapy

We will continually be monitoring whether we feel therapy is beneficial for your child. We are often unable to predict how many sessions will be needed, because we cannot exactly how each child will respond to the therapy approach. We may recommend a block of six sessions, with the option to then decide together what the best next step is.

If we think therapy is not going to be or is no longer benefitting your child, we will let you know and talk about next steps with you.

If an issue comes up

We will do our best to provide high quality care for your child. Parents/carers are welcome to contact me with any queries. We are always happy to talk to you to help resolve any issues you may have. Please get in touch and we will do everything we can to help. Once we have discussed solutions together, and if you feel we have been unable to resolve the issue, you can write to the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice.


Please ensure we are kept up to date of any changes to personal details (including home address, email addresses, phone numbers). If we are not told about a change, and an issue comes up around communication, we cannot be held responsible.

We may sometimes send you messages to help with the running of the service (e.g. about privacy, terms, security). To know more about how we use your information please see our privacy policy: https://hunterspeechtherapy.com/privacy-policy/